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CORPORATE - 11-07-2017

Building Bridges: An eminent specialist diagnoses a patient in distress

As part of its ongoing commitment to the sometimes difficult gulf between need and care and to facilitate connections among sometimes disparate communities, Kedrion is proud to work with people like Prof Hermann Wolf, of the Immunology Outpatient Clinic in Vienna, Austria.

In 2011, Prof. Wolf evaluated and began treating a woman from an Eastern European country, who had been brought to Vienna in critical condition, suffering from acute viral encephalitis, a culmination of a history of infectious episodes.  Prof. Wolf was able to diagnose her illness as a manifestation of an underlying immune deficiency - common variable immunodeficiency (CVID).  He initiated an IVIG substitution therapy with positive results.

Unfortunately, when the patient returned to her home country, her family was not able to afford to continue the immunoglobulin therapy.  Kedrion arranged for free donations of IVIG, which were administered for the next six years by the patient’s family doctor.  She has had no further severe infectious episodes requiring hospital treatment.  In fact, Prof. Wolf describes her susceptibility to infections to be “normal”.  He notes, “The continuation of the IVIG substitution therapy is of vital importance for the patient and prevents recurrence of severe infectious disease such as viral encephalitis.”

Kedrion is grateful to find partners like Prof.  Wolf to help us build bridges to better care – everywhere.

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